Keep Your IT Under Control

MONQ AIOps for instant detection and prevention of IT failures and effective IT infrastructure management


Reduce costs on IT support by 30%


Improve twice the availability of digital services and IT infrastructure


Reduce user complaints about unavailability by 80%

What business and IT issues does MONQ AIOps solve?


A lot of complaints from clients

Clients notice problems before IT and complain to the business


Low level of IT transparency

There are no objective ways to quickly control the quality of business services and calculate SLA


Human errors and waste of resources

Most of the routine actions are being done manually


Too expensive

Costs on IT are constantly growing, but their efficiency is unknown


Engineers are drowned in the "noise" from monitoring systems

In the "noise" of thousands of notifications from monitoring systems, it is difficult to recognize which of the are really important


Long response time to a failure

IT monitoring systems do not indicate a problem or it takes a long time to determine who is responsible for an incident


Long MTTR (Mean Time to Resolve)

A failure has occurred, but it takes a long time to find its cause and remedy, it is difficult to find a history of similar incidents


Errors in the Incident prioritization

IT service does not have a tool to assess the impact of a disruption on the business

Solve them all with one solution

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How does MONQ AIOps work?

Logs Monitoring And Analysis, Big Data

Collect all machine datafrom logs, monitoring tools and unstructured data from servers and other sources in one repository.


Based on the data, you can make checks and build analytics, which will significantly reduce the time to investigate problems.

Business Processes Monitoring

MONQ helps proactively identify failures and anomalies through getting data from synthetic transactions and autotests.


The system looks at business services through the eyes of customers and increases customer loyalty.

Hybrid Cloud Monitoring

Collect and analyze data from different monitoring systems on one screen. Reduce the noise from monitoring systems and reduce the flow of meaningless alerts by 90%.


React to critical events faster and reduce incident resolution time by 50%. Keep track of the health of your entire digital infrastructure and react to what really matters. Manage your IT infrastructure centrally and solve silos.

A Map of Digital Health and SLA

MONQ gives an objective picture of health of your IT and business. The platform identifies important events that critically affect the business.


It reduces incident recovery time and reduce noise from monitoring systems.


MONQ helps engineers, SRE, and DevOps automate repetitive processes. Save your time and resources and increase labor productivity.


Run alerts and create incidents from MONQ. Work in teams. Run scripts and automated actions.

Learn more about MONQ. Just click on the interested section


Learn more about MONQ. Just click on the interested section


strokeBuild the Collaboration Environment for Engineers

Connect to MONQ your systems and service desks, CMDB, task and project management system, corporate messengers, knowledgebase. What you will get?

  • Common Space for Support
  • Phone and messenger alerts to responsible team members
  • Auto-set incidents and tasks
  • Risk Analysis Data
  • Additional knowledge and experience


Сreate your automation scripts directly in the MONQ:

  • cURL
  • REST requests, SNMP management protocol
  • Bash, and SSH commands, Lua and JS operators are available.

strokeData Collection and Analysis

Collect in one system data from UX monitoring, synthetic testing, infrastructure monitoring, traffic monitoring, and network activity, application performance monitoring (APM), from logs and other unstructured data, business metrics (BI), IoT metrics and events, topology data and other unstructured data. Dozens of ready-made connectors are available in MONQ.

What you will get?

  • Historical data analysis
  • Failure and Anomaly Detection
  • Health and Performance Analysis
  • Data for analysis and forecasting

Get the maximum from your IT


Reduce cost

30% reduce TCO of support stack


Reduce the number of customers' complaints

6 times reduction of customers’ complaints


Reduce time-to-market

2x faster time-to-market for new products


Reduce the impact of IT failureson the business

100% visibility of IT, the impact of failures on the business is reduced


Reduce MTTR

60% reduction of MTTR (Mean-Time-To-Resolve)


Reduce services downtime

2 times reduction of business services downtime

What will you appreciate in MONQ AIOps?


Fast Results: MONQ will bring first value for your company in two weeks after implementation


Headquaters in the European Union (Riga)


Easy to implement and maintain in an environment with open source monitoring systems


Scalable and reliable thanks to a microservice architecture and a unique technology platform


Documentation and vendor support


No access to your data, the system is deployed in the cloud or in the client’s infrastructure