Customers and cases
Explore our experience in using AIOps technology to solve specific business problems of our customers.
Tinkoff Bank
We сollected information from several monitoring systems, automated actions of duty services.
As a result the incident response time has been reduced. Employees have additional time for really useful actions to solve problems. The number of errors has been reduced.
Ak Bars Bank
We set up robotic tests of customers online banking with sms authorization.
The SMS required for authorization in the portal was followed by the transfer of the authorization code, login to the personal account and testing of the Bank's main business services.
VTB 24 Bank
We collected data from various monitoring systems and automated the work of engineers using artificial intelligence and machine learning. The implementation of the system has reduced the time for engineers to search for the root causes of faults, as well as automated notification of incidents to responsible employees.
Government agencies
Department of Information Technology
We completed a set of works on the implementation of the system, setting up robotic tests and automating operations.
As a result of system start-up there was a reduction in costs, reducing time response and resolution of incidents, improving availability of the services.
Ministry of Public Administration, IT and Communications of the Moscow Region
We implemented robotic tests of providing services for citizens and set up auto-distribution of incidents to responsible persons.
As a result of system start-up there was a reduction in costs, reducing time response and resolution of incidents, increasing the availability of the services.
Republic of Tatarstan Center of Information Technology
Robotic tests of providing public services for citizens have been launched.
As a result there was increasing in the level of reliability of information about the operation of services, reduction in response time to failures and their elimination and increasing in the availability of services.
Power engineering
Moscow United Power Engineering Company
We implemented our system, set up hybrid monitoring and defined the connections of infrastructure objects.
The causes of failures were detected. Business continuity has improved. Employees ' motivation has increased.
We implemented our monitoring system and set up monitoring to automate the analysis of 1C platform technology log entries.
Results: Profit growth. Increase customer satisfaction. The growth motivation of the staff.
Engineering, Design
and Construction
"Mosinzhproekt" engineering company
We have set up monitoring of video surveillance in the company.
Using integrated monitoring, we organized the process of monitoring and responding to emerging incidents in the work of the video surveillance system. When identifying the causes of failures, the human factor was excluded. Automated work with communication channel providers. The monitoring department has been moved to schedule 8/5.
Software Development
We have set up monitoring of the application software on restaurant business objects.
Using the platform employees were able to automate the process of detecting the root causes of software failures, which led to cost savings at all stages of business processes.
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