Reduce failure detection time and speed up incident resolution

monqAIOps — End-to-end monitoring, hybrid monitoring, root cause analysis and automation

Who is monqAIOps for

For support services
increases productivity by 60% and halves the time of unavailability
For DevOps and SRE
60% increases the speed of resolving incidents

What’s monqAIOps

monqAIOps functionality

Calculation of service health metrics

real-time calculation
Using weights
Calculation of service health metrics based on internal statuses and triggers, as well as based on impact calculation
Various settings for transferring criticality between objects

Service SLA calculation

Creation of reports for complex information systems based on reports on information systems
Creation of report templates taking into account labels, sources, priorities, RTOs, service modes, information system working hours, etc.

Root Cause Analysis and Noise Reduction

Combining events using synthetic triggers
Search for root causes on the health map of services by topology
Time correlation of events before the incident on the timeline
Forecasting with ML Models

Autobuilding of resource-service models (RSM)

Open API for autobuilding RSM
Saving RSM filters for yourself or a team
Parametric filters for building RSM
The ability to share the filter with other users

Code-base automation and alert constructor

Automation of actions on problems taking into account the Working time schedule; Problem states (start / acknowledge / end); options for deferred action
Connect your own libraries
Own auto-healing scripts
Connect your plugins for alerts and integrations

Code-base trigger logic

Ready-made trigger templates for popular monitoring systems (Zabbix, Prometheus, Nagios, SCOM and others)
Own scripts for determining the state of monitoring objects
Connecting your own libraries

Why monq?

High flexibility and openness
Developer friendly
partially OpenSource
works in your infrastructure
Cheaper than all-in-one Enterprise solutions
Faster and easier than using Open Source components
Tested on dozens of Enterprise deployments