Free real-time logs analysis

monqCollector is a flexible and high-performance tool for collecting and analyzing logs and other data

Who is monq Collector for

For support services
it reduces the time of error detection in logs by 80%
For DevOps and SRE
increases the transparency of the infrastructure
For Data Science
allows you to quickly test hypotheses and validate models on real data

What’s monq Collector

monq Collector functionality

Built-in ML processor

Self-learning support
Connecting your ML models to the data processing path (for example, TensorFlow)
Enriching incoming data with additional calculated values from ML

Flexible connection of any data sources

Filtering data on a prefilter
Own parsers for different sources, configurable in the source interface
Connecting dozens of popular systems in two clicks with ready-made connectors
Setting up calculated fields of any complexity when handling events

No indexing

Self-learning support
real-time presentation (less than 100ms latency)
High performance solution

Modern UI

Representation of data with a histogram of frequency and JSON, which freely turns into a table with the elements selected and needed right now.
Custom Filters
UI is built on Angular with WebSocket support
Convenient query language with similar syntax to lucene
Aggregated data field summaries in one click

Why monq?

High flexibility and openness
Developer friendly
partially OpenSource
works in your infrastructure
Cheaper than all-in-one Enterprise solutions
Faster and easier than using Open Source components
Tested on dozens of Enterprise deployments