Fix incidents before users notice them

monqTestforge — End-to-end monitoring, hybrid monitoring, root cause analysis and automation

Who is monqTestforge for

For support services
up to 8 times reduces the number of complaints from users
For DevOps and SRE
helps to fix issues before users notice them

What’s monqTestforge

monqTestforge functional

Test management environment

Flexible control of the scan launch schedule
Launching your scripts for checking web interfaces, IVR, WebRTC, equipment on monq agents
Constructor of conditions for launching checks

Connecting external testing environments

Parser of reports and interpretation of test results
Fast connection of external test environments
External testing environments are free of charge
Jenkins and Gitlab CI ready-made integration templates

Exceptional UI

Quickly find projects and test scripts
Flexible classifier of projects based on labels (multiple choice of labels)
Historical data and dashboards
Filters based on labels, ownership and context
Heatmap of the status of projects
Persistent custom filters

Why monq?

High flexibility and openness
Developer friendly
partially OpenSource
works in your infrastructure
Cheaper than all-in-one Enterprise solutions
Faster and easier than using Open Source components
Tested on dozens of Enterprise deployments