MONQ Digital lab is a vendor of the MONQ AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations) platform for instant detection and prevention of IT failures and effective IT infrastructure management

The system reduces the risks, financial and reputational losses caused by IT failures and manual IT management

MONQ helps to visualize the state of IT and digital health of a business, identify weaknesses, and automatically manage infrastructure using the collection of Big Data, ML-models, and AI

MONQ increases the efficiency of root-cause analysis and the speed of investigation of IT-incidents by 70-95%.

MONQ has among the clients leading companies from the banking, public sector, retail, telecom, insurance, services, fuel, and energy complex. The Moscow Government, Tinkoff, VTB, AlfaStrakhovanie, S7, etc. are in the project portfolio of the company.

MONQ has partners in Asia (Sales Jet Platform, Singapore. And Mavdero, India) and Russia (IBS, BARS, Lanta, Technoserv, NVision, CROC, FORS)..

The company is the winner of Cybercsecurity Challenge 2020 and Startup Village 2020. Member of the FREE Go Global accelerators and the CROC IT company.

Тhere is a place for the company history in figures and facts. But we will not bore you with the past. Let’s take a look at the future?


By 2025, MONQ Digital lab plans to develop the world's best AIOps product. Ambitious? A little bit. Possible? Absolutely.

Especially with our team