customer stories
How can a public company increase the availability of digital services using AIOps?

"Manual" processing of tens of thousands of notifications from IT monitoring systems, late reaction and complaints from residents, and the contractor reports on 100% KPI fulfillment. How did the client use MONQ to improve service availability and respond to IT incidents?
Issues to Solve
  1. Many events
    Tens of operators check the screens around the clock. It is not possible to response to all events
  2. The availability of services is falling
    Residents and employees complain about the unavailability of services.
  3. Contractors overreport their results
    Contractors did not register all incidents, unreasonably inflating their KPIs
  1. We set up hybrid monitoring
    Eliminated "information noise" interference, and increased productivity
  2. We started to monitor the user experience
    Set up monitoring of synthetic transactions. At any given time, real-time status of a particular service is available
  3. We launched auto-assigning of incidents
    All events are recorded, stored, and analyzed
Results achieved
Reduced it cost by 30%

Reduced human factor risks
100% of the data is processed by robots

Higher availability of services
From 98.5% to 99.7%

Reduced fault response time
From 30 to 15 minutes