Improve reliability and UX of your services
AIOps platform for monitoring, collecting, processing data and intelligent process automation
UX quality control
Learn about performance drops and crashes before your customers through continuous testing of your interfaces and end-to-end processes.
Root cause analysis
Collect data from all levels of architecture from containers and virtual machines to interfaces and usage logs and quickly find the root problem.
Any source of data
Quickly connect the many available IT monitoring systems and other data sources from data lakes to IoT controllers
Minimize manual labor; all typical processes can be automated using a our scripted automation platform
We will help your IT service work more efficiently
We offer your team a complete set of AIOps tools for the efficient operation of your services
Anomaly Detection
Our service will help you quickly find the most important of thousands of events. Find out about all suspicious deviations faster than users with machine learning.
Intelligent data clustering
Get rid of the noise of garbage alerts. Gathering all the data in one place, combine events into groups using mathematical algorithms and vector analysis.
All events on one timeline
Get a simple interface for analysts. Work with dozens of data sources, placing events on the same timeline.
Quick search on primary events and logs
A quick search of logs and data from sources with an instant trigger creation wizard will save you a lot of time.
Write your scripts and event handling rules
Using the Lua, Bash and Rest code, you can write almost any automation script. And when for the tenth time you will need to switch the port, you will go to drink coffee, and the system will do all the work.
Simple and intuitive interface
We try to make the most simple and convenient interface, where everything is at hand, so that you smile every minute spent in our system.
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